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Unlock Block Strategy #1

By: Block 2 Block on January 28, 2016, 12:00 am

The Unlock Block is a very awesome Block. This tile allows you to reclaim anything you might have lost throughout the game. You can be aggressive with it as well to players you feel are a threat or just feel like messing with. By aggressive, I mean taking off markers from unlocked tiles to wipe people off tiers completely. Another thing to keep in mind about the Unlock Block, is where you might have a marker on a tile somewhere that is locked by another player. If you have a maker on a tile that someone has locked you down on, it only takes the action of the Unlock Block to remove one of the two markers that locked that tile, so you can come in and re-lock it with your own markers in same turn since you already have one marker placed there previously. Re-locking a tile is one thing that is great, but unlocking a tile you can use to bash on other players is always beneficial as well. For example, when nearing the end of the game, and you see a tile that is stacked up with a bunch of bonus points due to multiple colored markers on it, unlocking a Crumble Block somewhere can allow you to crumble high scored tiles. This same idea works great for the Trade Block and the Move Block as well, for doing those last minute trades and moves to help you out near end of the game. Of course reclaiming Clean Blocks towards end is great as well if players have moved them up to higher tiers. Another thing players will do is unlock each others Unlock Blocks. This pattern can go on for a while until somebody finally decides to play a different tile.