Our goal is to develope art and games that are centered around blocks.
We strive to provide a board game that involves unique gameplay experience.

Block 2 Block is a hybrid game that draws upon familiar elements found in standard board games and collectable card games. Long time gamer, artist, and designer Vincent Iannone, set out with friend and fellow designer, Ian Fittingoff to create a game both casual and competitive. It is a game that has evolved out of an artistic project and it continues to drive forward and evolve as it does.

The game itself is built on the principle that "Simplicity reveals complexity". Strategies are abound, allowing for players to be creative and customize unique variations with a strong core foundation of rules to build upon. Simple to learn, but hard to master, Block 2 Block has been enjoyed now by people both young and old.

The base set includes four game boards as well as the five different basic block tiles. Each expansion set for the game adds new excitement by adding complexity to strategies and ever more diverse possibilities.

Block 2 Block is a hybrid game designed with the players in mind. Multiple strategies and variants make the game both casual and competitive.

Block 2 Block is a hybrid game that evolved out of an artistic endeavor known as "The Blocks Project" by artist and game designer Vincent Iannone (Facebook). Another artist and game designer named Ian Fittingoff jumped in on "The Blocks Project" with the mind set of driving Blocks forward by adding new design and criteria into the project and advancing strategies for more exciting and intense gameplay. Block 2 Block since has evolved into its own unique identity with complex variant gameplay styles. The Block Party is just getting started.