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Trade Block Article #1

By: Block 2 Block on January 21, 2016, 7:56 am

The Trade Block really turns the game around real quick when used at the right times. When a player plays the Trade Block, that player can swap ANY two face up tiles from one tier to another. So if a tile is on the top tier, and one on the bottom that you want to trade it with, you just have those tiles trade places. This can be a huge move if your opponents have claimed tiles at the tops tiers. This can help you move up any tile you want, even ones with extra bonus points. If the Trade Block is revealed on the first tier, you may trade it with a face down tile from the first row of the second tier (yellow tier), to be able to complete the action of trading a tile somewhere. Also, if you play it on the second tier, and donít have anything good to trade it with of your own, then you can trade opposing players tiles from one tier to another. You can bring somebody else down and somebody else up if you feel like conflicting with other players rather than yourself. Doing that wonít hurt you in gameplay, and gets a trade done, since you must always complete your actions!