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Crumble Block Article #1

By: Block 2 Block on January 7, 2016, 8:40 am

The Crumble Block is a most powerful tile to play!!; and can really stir up gameplay. When played, the player who played it must destroy one face up tile within gameplay. When a tile is destroyed, all the markers on it get taken off of it as well and returned to appropriate players. This tile can bring down a lot of player’s hope by destroying there claimed tiles. The goal is to destroy any claimed tiles closer to the top to prevent other players from winning higher tiers. This decision can vary, so look into the Strategy section for the Crumble Block to learn more. The Crumble Block has many other strategies in mind as well. Though claimed tiles near the top may be a threat, any other unclaimed tiles anywhere in gameplay that have powerful moves can be stopped as well. The goal is to destroy anything you see as a threat to you later on in the game.