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Trade Block Strategy #1

By: Block 2 Block on January 21, 2016, 8:21 am

It seems as if the Trade Block can do a lot, really fast. If you have bonus point tiles claimed, strategically moving them towards the top are the best to trade. If you don't have a tile piled up with bonus points, someone else probably does, so trade them to the bottom. Something to keep in mind when playing, that if you always move your high scoring tiles to the top right away, it makes them targets for other players to destroy quickly. Maybe keeping the high scoring tiles near bottom until the very end might be wise. If you trade at the very end, it leaves no trades for another player to retaliate with. It's a risk, but can work great if presented perfectly. Some players see it over others, so never hurts to try. Another strategy that the Trade Block offers is moving tiles that you think will be claimed ones pretty soon, and move those down ahead of time to prevent more opposing claimed tiles at the top. When you notice the game is down to its last few Trade Block actions available, take advantage of them so no one can retaliate right after with same move.