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Crumble Block Strategy #1

By: Block 2 Block on January 7, 2016, 8:32 am

The Crumble Block is always exciting once revealed! Crumbling opposing claimed tiles near the top may be good, but other unclaimed tiles anywhere in gameplay that have powerful moves to affect you can be stopped as well. In some cases, crumbling a tile with only one marker on it can be smarter than crumbling a locked tile. The goal is to destroy anything you see as a threat to you later on in the game. Commonly the Crumble Block will be played merely to destroy itself. Some players just hate the power of it, so they just eliminate it before anyone else can use it. If your not playing with a particular player that does that, then you start to notice the Crumble Block pile up with different colored markers because most people get a sensation out of destroying things. If so, it will only last so long until another Crumble Block pops up to destroy the stacked up Crumble Block that everyone played previously. Using the Crumble Block to destroy the Unlock Block is a good move commonly due to people trying to reclaim tiles back. If nearing the end of the game, the Crumble Block can be the finishing blow to any remaining tiles.