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Move Block Strategy #1

By: Block 2 Block on January 14, 2016, 7:48 am

The Move Block is very interesting in what it can do. It isn't always the best to move yourself up instead of moving down. An example on when it's good to move even yourself down a tier or two, is when it gets close to the end of the game. When you start to notice most of the Blocks getting locked up, you start to see where your best chance at winning a tier would be. If your dominating a lower tier, and not many moves left, and come upon a Move Block to play, if there is no chance to win a higher tier, then no point on moving your Blocks there. Moving other players down is always fun too. If your tied up or down just a point or two at a higher tier, its obvious you want to move someone else down to help you take the lead on that higher tier. Another thing to keep in mind is the score towards the end of the game. If you are just leading the game with a few points, it can be easy for another player to take the victory over you, real fast. Always look to prevent the next player from taking over you. A great technique in short stack style play, if there is only one open space to place a Block down from your hand, is to place a tile down, and then play a one way move so you can crumble a opposing players tile somewhere. (only works if you have sparing markers for that turn to achieve) If your placing down a Move Block from your hand in midst of this type of action, then it's just a great move altogether. Force Crumbling is fun ;)